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Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Online is a free MMORPG browser game made by Namco Bandai Games and Cyberconnect2 with collaboration from Chinese Internet company Tencent Games. The production is led by Masashi Kishimoto and under supervision by the production committee of Shueisha, TV-Tokyo and Studio Pierrot.

The game's background and characters will be depicted in 2D, with elaborate character animation. The early part of the game will be based on the earlier parts of the Naruto story (少年篇) and followed by the main story development, focusing on the various characters' development and growth. There are also plans to continue with episodes from the "Shippūden". Using the MMORPG way to interpret the world of Naruto that gamers are familiar with and experience the process and growth of their favorite characters while alongside in battle.


Converts when user fills out the simple registration form and starts to play

KPI's: Active players. The advertiser sends us weekly players activity report.
Hold Period: 16 days
Daily CAP: 300 for test

No adult, No incent, No Google and No Facebook Traffic

Not respecting these restrictions could result in all payments being withheld.

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AT CH DE 2.5 usd Active Player desktop -

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Max processing time 30 days

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