Casual Club | SOI


1. User fills offers landing page

Only 18+ years old

Dayly CAP: unlimited

Hold period: 16 days

  • No Incentive, No Spam, No Email
  • Don't use in creatives "free", "doesn't require payment" and other rotation

Geography and paid goals

ES 1.9 USD Registration (SOI) desktop -
RU 0.9 USD Registration (SOI) desktop -
AR 0.7 USD Registration (SOI) desktop -
CO 0.4 USD Registration (SOI) desktop -
TR 0.6 USD Registration (SOI) desktop -
CL 0.65 USD Registration (SOI) desktop -
CL 0.65 USD Registration (SOI) tablet mobile ipod -

Conversion rates

CR 3
Max processing time 30 days

Traffic sources

Web sites Allowed
Doorways Allowed
Context AD Allowed
Brand Context AD Allowed
Teaser/banner AD Allowed
Social networks: targeted AD Allowed
Social networks: publics, games, applications Allowed
Emailing Allowed
Mobile traffic Allowed
ClickUnder/PopUnder Allowed
Rebrokering Disallowed
Incent traffic Disallowed