Imperia Online | CPL | DE


Set in a Medieval world, Imperia Online is a predominantly militaristic strategy game. Imperia Online has been translated into 30 languages and the game is currently in its sixth version, but there are still active Version 5 realms.

DRIVE: 160 MB of free space


Restricted Traffic Sources:

  • Facebook and other social networks ads (organic posts are permitted);
  • Pop-up advertisements;
  • Incentivized traffic (Traffic may be considered incentivized if less than 20% of registered users complete the tutorial in full or if less than a certain percentage of converted complete the main KPIs);
  • Google AdWords (unless otherwise agreed).

Flow: Conversion happens on the 5th step of the tutorial.

Only traffic from the country specified in the offer name will be accepted.
Affiliates are not allowed to create their own banners or Landing Pages without approval.

It is necessary to pass source id in {sub5} parameter.

Not respecting these restrictions could result in all payments being withheld.

Geography and paid goals

DE 1.7 usd Effective Registration All devices -

Conversion rates

CR -
Max processing time 30 days

Traffic sources

Web sites Allowed
Doorways Allowed
Brand Context AD Allowed
Teaser/banner AD Allowed
Social networks: publics, games, applications Allowed
Emailing Allowed
Rebrokering Allowed