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Order and serenity reigned in the world until a mysterious meteorite fell from the sky. Warriors of the Legion of Burning Light, guarding the peace of people, went in search of a space guest. Upon arrival, they were horrified - in the center of the giant crater opened a magical rift, through which the Darkness appeared. The lands were polluted and darkness enveloped the whole continent. The one who walked into Darkness was no longer the same, sowing further chaos and destruction.

The few survivors retreated to the last surviving stone cliff and with the help of ancient magic raised it to heaven. There they built the soaring city, which was the last stronghold for all living things. In its center rises the Guardian Tower, where the Elders guard the last source of magic. But every day the onslaught of the enemy is more difficult to hold back, and the soldiers of the Legion are calling on new heroes to fight evil.


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