Rox Casino | FTD | RU


Rox casino was founded in 2016 and the operator of the site is Best Entertainment Technologies based in the Dutch Antilles. The website states that the licence for the online gaming operations is issued in Curacao. Rox Casino pride themselves on being a worthy online casino and do not accept compromises apparently.

On top of this, they claim to offer players something they will never find at other sites such as licenced games, honest rules and generous payouts. Players will find that there are slots and other online games on offer from well known developers such as NetEnt and Microgaming.

Paid target - First-time deposit;

The minimum deposit:  50 rubles;

Registration fields with social networks: yes;

The number of registration fields - 2.

Target audience:

Men 21-45 years old - about 90% of the target audience, it makes sense to focus on the representatives of those professions.
The rest of the people - about 10%.

IMPORTANT to target a solvent audience with an average or high monthly income, which regularly makes online purchases. Not allowed to target for a non-working, non-solvent audience that is looking for easy money in the network.



Strictly prohibited:

  1. Target for the audience under 18;
  2. 100% target for non-paying audience;
  3. Motivated traffic;
  4. Traffic from schemes; 
  5. Telegram;
  6. Instagram;
  7. Brand context AD;
  8. Rebrokering;
  9. Mislead (used not allowed creatives).

Traffic will be not paid if:

  1. Traffic that falls under one or more restrictions from the list above;
  2. Traffic without activity - without gameplay and additional deposits;
  3. NOT test traffic not performing KPI offer;
  4. Deposits made later than 7 days from the date of registration;
  5. Multi-accounts and fraud.  

Only traffic from the country specified in the offer name will be accepted.

Affiliates are not allowed to create their own banners or Landing Pages without approval.

It is necessary to pass source id in {sub5} parameter.

Not respecting these restrictions could result in all payments being withheld.

Geography and paid goals

RU 48 usd FTD (First Time Deposit) All devices -
RU 0 usd Confirmed Registration (DOI) All devices -

Conversion rates

CR 46
Max processing time 30 days

Traffic sources

Web sites Allowed
Doorways Allowed
Context AD Allowed
Teaser/banner AD Allowed
Social networks: targeted AD Allowed
Social networks: publics, games, applications Allowed
Mobile traffic Allowed
ClickUnder/PopUnder Allowed