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Description is a place for serious communication and unforgettable meetings with interesting people. We use modern technologies to find a person the most suitable for you. This allows an essential reduction of time for searches and preliminary choice. makes about 20 000 pairs in a day meet each other around the world! We believe that every person can find their own love on our site.


Offer is intended for the Russian-speaking users.

Recommended traffic: seo, smm, search advertising (with key words restrictions), web display, social networks advertising (with sources restrictions), native ad networks.

Restrictions: doorway pages, FB, GDN or Google search, incentive, sms, fraud, push traffic, toolbar traffic, craiglist, coregistrations, email traffic, viral traffic, brand bidding, torrent, no traffic from other affiliate networks without a written approval in advance.

  • Restrictions to use words "free", "without payment", etc. on the creatives. 

  • Best sources of good performance and CR: native ads, display.

  • It is allowed to use creatives only with photos from Loveeto webpage and photo banks. It is not allowed to use pics of celebrities or any famous people on banners, pre-landers, etc. 

Keywords restrictions (and variations):

  • Affiliates are not allowed to promote the offer in search advertising, using keywords specific to Loveeto, as well as domains with misspelling: Loveto/Loveito/www.Loveeto/MyLoveet /Loveetoo, etc.

  • Affiliates are not allowed to use exact matches as well as any variations, including misspelling, domain names of competing dating sites.

Target group: +25 years

Only traffic from the country specified in the offer name will be accepted.
Affiliates are not allowed to create their own banners or Landing Pages without approval.

It is necessary to pass source id in {sub5} parameter.

Not respecting these restrictions could result in all payments being withheld.

Geography and paid goals

RU 1 usd Registration (SOI) desktop mobile tablet -
BG 0.8 usd Registration (SOI) desktop mobile tablet -
EE LV LT 1.6 usd Registration (SOI) desktop mobile tablet -
KZ MD UA GE AZ 0.4 usd Registration (SOI) desktop mobile tablet -

Conversion rates

CR -
Max processing time 30 days

Traffic sources

Web sites Allowed
Context AD Allowed
Teaser/banner AD Allowed
Social networks: targeted AD Allowed
Social networks: publics, games, applications Allowed
Mobile traffic Allowed