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Xterium is a strategic browser-based online game in which the action takes place in space, where the player creates and develops his own empire. When starting, the player is given one small planet which will become the capital of the empire in the future, so the player needs to develop it, learn new technologies, and create spaceships to protect and attack enemies. The game has several development paths: the player extracts resources and sends them to his friends, develops his army and extracts resources for his fleet, or becomes a mercenary who takes on any kind of work. Xterium does not have a specific plan of action - the player himself develops his development strategy.


Fraudulent traffic, Social networks: targeted AD, Brand Context AD, Incent traffic.

Only traffic from the country specified in the offer name will be accepted.
Affiliates are not allowed to create their own banners or Landing Pages without approval.

It is necessary to pass source id in {sub5} parameter.

Not respecting these restrictions could result in all payments being withheld.


Geography and paid goals

UA TJ BY GB KZ PT BR IT UZ AZ TM FR DE AM MD ES US KG TR 8 usd Purchase desktop -
UA TJ BY GB KZ PT BR IT UZ AZ TM FR DE AM MD ES US KG TR 0 usd Registration (SOI) desktop -
GB PT BR IT FR DE ES US TR 0.8 usd Active Player desktop -
UA TJ BY KZ UZ AZ TM AM MD KG 0.4 usd Active Player desktop -
RU 0.6 usd Active Player desktop -

Conversion rates

CR -
Max processing time 30 days

Traffic sources

Web sites Allowed
Doorways Allowed
Context AD Allowed
Teaser/banner AD Allowed
Social networks: publics, games, applications Allowed
Emailing Allowed
Mobile traffic Allowed
ClickUnder/PopUnder Allowed
Rebrokering Allowed